By: Stuart Sinclair

To Renovate ........or not

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Time and time again Sellers ask that age old question, should I put some money into renovating my house before I list it for sale? And, where is my money best spent?
The trick is to end up at a sale price that is higher than the amount of money spent on renovations, or ROI, Return on Investment. One great way to ensure a terrific ROI is to give your house and property a makeover, so to speak. A thorough cleaning and decluttering, removal of personal family photos and artwork from the fridge, rearranging furniture and decorations, buying some new accessories and repairing minor flaws. Sort of like brightening up a face with some snazzy new lipstick! 
Of course, Do it Yourselfers can save a ton of money on home reno's! There are free renovation classes offered at most home improvement stores, Home Depot, Rona, Home Hardware, to name a few. 
Although there are many small repair jobs in the home that can be easily completed by amateurs, an experienced professional may be required for larger renovations. Nothing worse that having to pay a contractor to fix your DIY experiment!
To avoid spending huge amounts of time, energy and money on unnecessary home reno's, your best bet is to call in a Realtor (hey, I know a GREAT realtor!), to discuss where your money is best spent. We can have a look at past sales in your area, and see how they compair to the current condition of your house. It just may be a matter of a fresh coat of neutral paint to get top dollar for your property!
Give us a call, we'd be happy to help!

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