By: Stuart Sinclair

Holidays, Real Estate and YOU

Tags: Caledon homes, Bolton Homes

You'd like to take advantage of the spring market and get your house listed for sale, but you desperately need a vacation. Think the two can't happen at the same time? Think again! We can list your house, and drop you off at the airport! 

  In this electronic age, documents can be reviewed, discussed, and signed, without missing a beat! Written contracts date back to a 1677 English law, but as of July 1, 2015 electronic signatures became legal and binding. Home Buyers and Sellers can close their deals without written signatures.
As previously mentioned in a recent blog, this is the spring market, and it's in full swing! 

  What we do as your Realtor is continue to market your property while you're away, inform you via email or text of all appointments and feedback, and email you any potential offers. We'll review the offer with you thru correspondence, indicate where you should sign, date and/or initial, and the concierge of your hotel will be more than happy to scan and email your offer back to us. Nobody need ever know you're even away! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

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