Caledon the Beautiful

By: Stuart Sinclair

Caledon the Beautiful

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It is going to get warmer, it IS going to get warmer! With thoughts of warmer weather come the dreams of this Motorcycle enthusiast, of open roads, scenic rides and the pure, unadulterated joy that washes over me whenever I swing my leg over my bike.
Did you know, amoung all the wonderful things Caledon is known for, it's also home to the most popular motorcycling road in the greater Toronto area? It begins east of Hwy 10 and curves its way across the Devil's Pulpit escarpment, across the Credit River, meandering into Belfountain. Climbs, dips and hairpin curves, not to mention breathtaking scenery, it's easy to see why this route is so popular with riders. Theres an old time feel upon entering or departing from Belfountain, keep your eyes open from the Cataract Inn, which dates from 1855, one of the few buildings of the era still standing. 
Speaking of Belfountain, did you know it was originally called Tubtown? The name was in reference to a local blacksmith who kept his cooling tubs outside his home, prominently located in front of the town. You know I love my Caledon trivia!
Caledon oozes charm, adventure, beauty and a sense of community. You feel it the moment you enter our fair town, it's the kind of place you want to put down roots and never leave, which is why so many people decide to relocate and make Caledon their home.
Curious for more Caledon facts? Want to know more about our real estate opportunities? Hop on your hog, come visit us! I promise I'll share all my favourite routes with you.

The Stuart Sinclair Team 

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